Can i controle a Xbee 868 LP module using the xbee_ansic_library with the embedded freescale uC ?


I whant to creat a small network using 4 Xbee 865/868 LP, one as a coordinator and the 3 others as end device (actuators). The coordinator is gonna send order to the actuators whitch are gonna control relays. The user is gonna control the coordinator by using push button for each relay. The distance between the devices is not gonna exced 20 meters.

I don’t whant to link my coordinator to a fix pc, so i whanted to use the embedded freescale uC. Is it possible to load permanently my application in this uC with a Pc, and then never use a pc again?

I know the xbee_ansic_library for embedded device like the HCS08, but i don’t know if it’s find. There is not a lot of exemple… And i don’t know ohxw to implement the library in it.
Should i use a micro PC instead like a Raspberry? And if so, is there any tutorial to explain how implement the java library in this micro pc?

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Pierre OLIVA.

If you decide to go with the xbee_ansic_library there are instructions in the for porting to a new platform. Unsure if that is the best path as it might be a little overkill. That library is pretty complex with a lot of complications/features you likely don’t need.

You might also look at something like the Arduino. A lot of hobbyist support (and I know people that have developed products on top of it). There is a much simpler XBee library available for the Arduino and variants. Lots of tutorials.

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Thank you for you answer jlovinger!

I found serverals Arduino libraries to control Xbee module, but it say that they are for serie 1 and serie 2 Xbee module. Do you know an Arduino library witch is able to control Xbee 868 LP or Xbee SX 868?

Here is my project for you to better understand what i need :
I whant to creat a network using 4 Xbee 868.
A microcontroleur (or the Xbee itself) gonna have 9 gpio in input mode to read information from a device. According to this information he will ask the Xbee to send order to the 3 other Xbee module which are each connected to a microcontroleur (or not) to control relay according to this order.

The distance between the first modul and the three other is 20 meters max. The systeme is gonna work inside with a lot of obstacle.
I need AES security and ACK for this communication.

Thank you very mutch again!

Pierre OLIVA.

I’ve used the Arduino XBee lib with XBee 900Mhz radios and 2.4GHz radios. There’s a chance you might need to modify the library slightly for the 868 MHz radio but hopefully not. Just give it a shot, any updates would probably be simple as XBee variants are designed to present a common interface wherever possible.