Xbee S8 programmable module Uart bypass


I’m using an Xbee s8 programmable module. I’m developing a project in which I’d like to read and write is the serial bus, but also I want to be able to bypass data (AT command frames) to the radio MCU. Is this possible?

Also I’d like to know how XCTU connects with the module. Does it bypass the freescale MCU?

Anything is possible providing you put it in your code. Just understand that the links between the freescale processor and the RF processor requires the RF processor to be in API mode. So while you may assemble AT commands, when you send them to the radio they should be in API frames.

Yes, it needs to pypass the freescale processor in order to talk to the RF processor. That is generally done via the bootloader application that is on it from Digi.

Hello again and thanks a lot for your answer. I’d like to use _xbee_frame_load function located in xbee_device.c but for the serial communication between the freescale MCU and the pc in order to parse xbee api frames. Is that possible?

That would require you to write your own code for that.