How do you bypass the Freescale with the "next gen" X-CTU on programmable XBee modules?

In the original X-CTU it was possible to bypass the Freescale microcontroller using the following steps:

How is the same thing possible with the “next gen” X-CTU?

Currently its not possible :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope they add it in next update. Till then we are left with old XCTU.

When you launch the XCTUNG software, Click on the Add Radio function. In the Add Radio Device window, at the bottom of the screen there is a function called “The radio module is a programmable”. Enable that box and you should then be able to use the finish option in that box to discover your radios.

Thanks, that only helps you discover the radio, not communicate with it as the “programmable” property doesn’t seem to get retained by the software.

Yeah, I think you’re probably right. Yay regression…

To communicate with the programmable with XCTUNG software, you are really suppose to install the transparent app or the serial bypass code onto the Freescale processor.

Can you explain what that means? What is the transparent app? Afaik neither of those things appear in the manuals. Thanks.

The transparent app I am referring to is one of the sample applications in the Code Warrior software. I believe it is now called Serial Bypass. You need to compile and upload that application to the FreeScale processor first. Once uploaded, the XCTU software will be able to communicate with the RF processor via the transparent app.

I see, I misunderstood. Does that mean if I want to write my own firmware then I need to start with the serial bypass and maintain that functionality? Thanks.

No not at all. It is completely up to you what you want in your application. But if you want XCTU to be able to read the RF processor via the UART,. you will need to implement some sort of bypass mode into your code.

Ok, thanks. I still think it would be nice for the XCTU to bypass the Freescale as it ships, especially since it has partial support for discovery already. I would almost rather they removed that since it’s essentially useless and misleading.