How to bypass microcontroller XBee automatically?


I have a programmable XBee PRO S2C module and I was able to access the boot loader through an X-CTU manually.

They tell me that there is a way to do it automatically, how do you do that?
Can it be reconfigured by the same XCTU or do I need another program?
I will work the module XBee + arduino one and I wish that it is always connected.

Than you have the wrong XBee module for that. The Programmable XBee is similar to a Non programmable XBee connect to an external processor. Instead, the XBee has both together.

If you want to connect to an Arduino, then you need the Non programmable versions of the XBee.

So you want the programmable XBee module to work as a standard XBee radio by automatically going into “Bypass” mode that you currently put the module into manually?

Simple, write a program on the XBee to do just that. The use case you describe is included in the XBee SDK as a demo app (XBee/Serial Bypass).

  1. Compile the example program included in the XBee SDK in CodeWarrior.
  2. Upload the application to the programmable XBee via XModem.
    2.1 You can use either the legacy-XCTU program to do the transfer or
    2.2 You can try out the tool I wrote for easy flashing of the Programmable XBee (tested only in mac/linux atm):

According to Digi, this method adds approx 0.9uS of jitter as everything gets passed via the HCS08 processor prior to reaching the radio chip.

Have fun!