x-ctu problems with XBee Pro

I have been experimenting with my first XBee pro, part number XBP24BZ7UITB003-revF.
my success with x-ctu has been less than successfull, occasionally I have been able to flash it but unable to read back the configuration settings.
I have used the “force reflash” procedure here: http://www.digi.com/wiki/developer/index.php/Bootloader_to_force_XBee_reflash
but the terminal menu never comes up, just a “.”
if I just bring up X-CTU and set the baud to 9600 then go to the terminal and hit a return I get a menu, not the “force reflash” menu
here is a picture of the menu I get
Given that I see a menu I expect I am just doing things wrong, I have not had any problems I cannot solve with regular XBee’s. but this one has me stumped.

Any Ideas?


According to the part number, you have a Programmable XBee. This module has two processors on it, a programmable Freescale processor and the Ember processor that holds the XBee firmware. In order to read and write the firmware on the Ember radio you need to put the module into bypass mode.

How do I put it into bypass mode?

Please find the attachment


Last year Digi released an SDK for the Programmable XBee devices. The SDK works on top of CodeWarrior 10.1 (so you will need to have it installed).

The SDK installs a set of plug-ins for CodeWarrior with specific Programmable XBee project wizards and tools that simplifies the development of applications for these modules.

It also includes several examples and a specific API to play with the different interfaces of the programmable XBee module (GPIOs, I2C, SPI, UART, ZIGBEE, etc.). A lot of documentation is also added, where things like the Putting the bootloader in bypass mode are covered.

You can download the CodeWarrior for Microcontrollers v10.1 from here:

And the Programmable XBee SDK from here: