Reflashed coordinator & lost serial connectivity, XCTU defaults wrong?

Device serial number XBP24BZ7WIT arrived as a Zigbee Router/AT. Used XCTU (6.1.1) to reflash as Zigbee coordinator (API mode). The firmware update seemed fine. But now I cannot connect. Add or discover devices leads to a “timeout, could not read HW or FW versions.” Recovery/reflash gives “there is not an active boot loader in the module.”

I noticed afterwards that the default settings for this firmware (21A7 (Newest)) has DIO7 set to CTS flow control yet DIO6 is set to Disable (and not RTS). It seems that HW flow control is “half on” as CTS and no RTS, yet I can only configure the computer side as no-flow-control or HW-flow (which would use both CTS and RTS wouldn’t it?) Did I kill my XBEE by using the default half-HW-flow-control config? Hmmm, I notice other default firmware settings have CTS and no RTS. So perhaps I am mistaken. Thanks.

What is the full part number of your XBee module? Oh and no should not have damage the module from RTS not being enabled on the module.

Thanks. I don’t believe I damaged the module, but was suggesting the module cannot be communicated with via serial which renders it pretty useless to me. Now I think it should work with CTS only, assuming it is always asserted. I’ll check that with a scope. I wonder if there are internal pullups on DIO lines…

Home now. Full part number is XBP24BZ7WIT-004-revF. Thanks for your help, mvut.

Yes, there are internal pull up resistors that can be enabled or disabled via the PR command (It is a wonder what info you can find in a product manual).

Have you issued a global network rest on your other nodes since powering up your new Coordinator?

if you mount the radio on a Digi supplied interface board, are you able to read it?