XB24-B firmware upgrade


I’m trying to upgrade the firmware for 2 x XBee Znet 2.5 modules which shipped with versions 1020 and 1220 to versions 1047 and 1247.

Currently the firmware upgrade seems to progress as planned but when I reset the device after the upgrade it still reports the old version.

It is not clear to me if the X-CTU software will take care of toggling the DTR and RTS pins for me prior to reseting the XBee or if I have to do it manually.



I’m not sure how you’re doing this based on your description.

XCTU has a “status” area at the bottom of the Modem Configuration page, where it shows what’s happening with the firmware burn. When XCTU says the process is successful, the firmware is stored on the rf module so I’m not sure how it would list as the old version.

Please describe your process in more detail and perhaps we can figure out what’s going on. Are you doing this via XBIB development board or adapter? Are you seeing the “Write parameters complete” status before attempting your reset? How are you resetting the module once the firmware is loaded?

As far as the hardware signals, XCTU will manage these during the firmware load. The important thing is that the serial cable used between the XBIB dev board (or Adapter) and your comm port has these signals pinned in.


Thanks for your quick response! Actually no I don’t have the development board. For the moment I’m working on a wishboard prototype with a dsPIC and I’m following the directives of section 8.4 of the v1.x.4x product manual.

In my first attempts I was trying to enter the bootloader by manually toggling the RTS and DTR pins and sending a break from the dsPIC subsequently reconnecting the XCTU. At some point XCTU would ask that I reset the module and it would start uploading the firmware. All this without success as the module would still report v1.0.2.0 after the upload.

If I understand correctly the XCTU should take care of all this as long as I make sure that all the communication lines are going through to the XBee?

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Another observation is that after downloading the latest firmware version from the web XCTU still reports v1.0.2.0 and v1.2.2.0. Shouldn’t I be able to select other version from the pull-down menu under the modem config tab?


Duh! I just understood that I had to change to ZNET 2.5 instead of ZIGBEE in order to use the new firmware version… The update worked fine this time!

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