Xbee module upgrade problem

I have updated xbee firmware on gateway on version 0x1140. I also updated RS-232 adapter and XBIB-R-DEV R4 board to 1247 version. I see all of them and this is not problem.

But I have 1-wire adapter from Drop/in Starter kit with WatchPort temperature sensor and this module is not visible any more. While I have gateway with version 0x1120 the sensor was visible. If I open adapter and put it on DEV board and try to access it with X-CTU the module is not responding.

The Xbee module inside is XB24-BWIT-007. All other modules are XB24-BWIT-004.

Can anybody help me upgrade Xbee 1-wire adapter to 1x47 firmware over X-CTU? Do I need XBIB-R-DEV R7 board for upgrade?

Yes, you could use your XBIB-R-DEV to upgrade the firmware on the ZNet 2.5 1-Wire Sensor Adapter.

On the XCTU Modem Configuration tab, chose your modem as either XB24-B or XBP24-B, the Function set as ZNet 2.5 Router Sensor, and this should make the version 1447.

The firmware upgrade won’t work quite the same as if you were updating to Router/End Device AT or something, because Router Sensor firmware disables UART functionality of the XBee module during the loading of the firmware.

What you’ll see in the XCTU status window when trying to update the firmware is that XCTU will try to talk to the module and won’t be able to, so you’ll have to hit the reset button on your XBIB. Once this is done, status will say “Programming Modem”, which will go fine. XCTU will then try to write AT commands to the modem and due to disabled UART, not be able to, so the reset button popup will occur again. This time hit Cancel, and by now you should see the new module on the CP-X Gateway’s display XBee Network window. At this point, you can move the module back to the 1-Wire Sensor Adapter chassis, and write any further commands over-the-air from the Coordinator/CP-X Gateway.

I set XB24/B and Z Net2.5 Router Sensor.

Nothing happens. X-CTU didn’t sense reset button and Warning window didn’t close. Also power off/on of XBIB didn’t help.

Problem solved. I didn’t check Always update firmware to force writing firmware. MOdule is now correctly updated.