Firmware Modification - XB24-B


I’m having trouble to modify the role of an XB24-B (series 2) from router (firmware version 1220) to coordinator (firmware 10xx).

  • How can this be done in a lab environment using X-CTU / XBIB-R or XBIB-U? After selecting the coordinator function set and applying “write” with “update firmware” selected, the process to update the firmware results in following message in X-CTU:
    “Getting modem type…OK
    Programming modem…Lost communication with modem
    Write Parameters…Failed”
    (X-CTU settings are COM1,9600,8 data bits, No parity, 1 stop bit. The “Use API” selected/unselected does not influence the process )

  • How can this be done in a production environment when the device is connected over a serial port to an embedded host controller? Do we need additional pins, besides Rx/Tx to connect to the host controller (CTS/RTS/Ohter?) in order to automate the process?

  • Does anyone have a C-source code file to do the latter?

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Seems that the X-CTU version I was using was out of date (starting up with the MaxStream logo). It would be nice if the software version of this appl. could be seen somewhere.

About the second issue, the question is still open for replies.


here my answer is regarding the first issue. When we change the FW from Cordinator to route or vice versa this error state occurs. in this case you power reset the zigbee module which will remove the error dialog box. but Minimum connections to support serial firmware upgrade are VCC, GND, DIN, DOUT, RTS & DTR, this is what u’ve to make sure in ur hardware design.
after reset query the module with appropriate parameter. Hope this will resolve the issue.

My comments regard determining the X-CTU version, not the “second issue”.

The version of X-CTU can be seen from the PC Settings tab of X-CTU. When looking at this tab, you should see an “About” button above the PC Settings tab. Clicking on “About” will pop up a window in which the version is listed.

Another place you can find out the version of X-CTU would be in Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs. Highlighting the X-CTU package will show a link stating “Click here for support information.” Clicking the link will also list the version in a popup window.

The ZB and ZNet manuals have some content describing how to invoke the bootloader. This requires the DIN, Sleep_Request, and RTS pins are in the correct state when the XBee resets.

After that, firmware can be uploaded using the XModem protocol.