Problems/solved when convering a XB24-ZB from AT Router to API Coordinator

Just posting an experience. Maybe this is a bug report.

Recently downloaded X-CTU from the web site (40002637_c.exe), then downloaded latest firmware versions through the X-CTU.

I was then able to upgrade a series 2.5 Pro module (XBP24-BWIT) from 2.5 Router AT to ZB Coordinator API, then to ZB Router API without any trouble. I followed the instructions provided, specifically had the “Always update firmware” checkbox ticked while "Write"ing parameters and firmware.

Then tried to upgrade a ZB Module (ZB24-Z7WIT) from ZB Router AT to ZB Coordinator API, and had repeated failures. The process would start, then the “Comms failure/please reset” dialog would appear. Unit remained accessible and usable … as a Router AT.

The programming finally succeeded when I unchecked the “Always update firmware” box.

So, I can’t explain the inconsistent behavior, but perhaps its worth noting.

[as a side note this was all done through my own home-made USB adaptor … essentially clones of the USB adaptors. Hopefully no hardware differences.]

Ah, just to be thorough. In the second case, which wasn’t working, I was replacing firmware 2221 with 2141.