How to configure modem again after ROUTER/END DEVICE DIGITAL IO mode?

My XBee is XBee Pro S2B programmable (XBP24BZ7).
After that I couldn’t connect or add module to XCTU via USB to serial module again.

Then I realized that there is no serial communication for mode from this topic:

I followed all the instruction given in there but it seems like my module is different from that one.

First: I don’t need to follow the pin assert procedure. Just plug in module to XBee Explorer USB adaptor > set baud rate to 9600 (not 115200). > hit Enter. it will show the bootloader message.

B-Bypass Mode
F-Update App
V-BL Version
A-App Version

Second: I typed ‘B’ which should allow me to make tunnel to another chip inside (EM357?) then I should be able to config… but I couldn’t.

Can anyone here give me the instruction how to flash a new firmware into it again?

Thanks you very much

Hello ming6842,

XCTU will not find the radio despite the HCS08 bypass because the firmware flashed has not a serial port.
The solution is to flash the latest bootloader and hit option & (it’s not shown in the default menu). This option performs a bypass that also propagates the reset line, that way you should be able to enter the radio’s bootloader (same steps for HCS08 bootloader, break line, reset, clear break). Once in the ember bootloader, XCTU should let you flash a new firmware.

Note that because the reset line is propagated the only way to revert the “&” bypass is to cycle power.
Best regards,


Hello Sebastián

Thanks for your reply.

I tried to input ‘&’ into bootloader menu.
Seems like the chip doesn’t recognize this command as it returns ‘&’ to me.

I typed ‘V’ to check bootloader version and it returned ‘BL032-2B0-025_064’.
May be this is not the newest version?
If this so, how may I update the bootloader of the HCS08 chip?

I cannot find the bootloader update function from XCTU.
I download and installed CodeWarrior but not sure if this is the way…

Can you give me some hint on how to update the bootloader?

Thanks you

I’ve searched over the forum and Google.
I found no information about updating bootloader of XBee.
May be it cannot be changed?

If that so, with my bootloader version, how can I propagate the reset line to radio chip?

One solution in my mind is to write the application code to HCS08 through CodeWarrior so that it will propagate all the pins to radio module. But this seems a bit too complicated if I just wanted to flash the radio module …

Do we have any better solution for this ?