How to get out of firmware XB24-B 1420

I’m new in this forum.

I am using a XBee Series 2 Module (part no. XB24-Z7WIT-004 Rev J).
After uploading the firmware XB24-B 1420 (for ZIGBEE router sensor) using X-CTU, I could not communicate with the modem anymore, and hence unable to upload the firmware further.

I check the default parameters of the firmware XB24-B 1420. Unlike other versions such as 1220/1020, there is no baud rate parameter. Is that why I cannot set the correct baud rate to communicate with the modem?

I have the xBee shield.

Please, any suggestion on how I can reupload other firmware into the module is much appreciated.

Hello Ernesto,

If the firmware you uploaded doesn’t have a Serial interface, X-CTU will not be able to detect it. Try to upload the firmware checking “Always Update Firmware” in Modem Configuration Tab, follow the instructions in the pop-up (it asks for a reset).

If that doesn’t work you can try to access the radio bootloader with the following steps:
1.- Open X-CTU Terminal with 15200 8-N-1.
2.- Set Break. Clear RTS.
3.- Reset module.
4.- Clear Break. Set RTS.
5.- Hit Enter, bootloader should came up.
6.- Go to Modem Configuration tab, select the new firmware, check “Always Update Firmware” and click Write. It should detect the bootloader and upload the new firmware.

Thanks a lot for your help, Sebastián.

For first point, i try and i could not solve the problem.

With the second options, i don’t quite understand the process. I do the next steps:
1.- Open XCTU terminal with ¿15200? –> i select 9600 bud in Pc Setting tab.
2.- Select option “Break” in terminal tab.
3.- De-select option “Reset”
4.- Reset module, with a jumper between pin 5 and pin 10 for 1 second (red light in xbee shield goes out)
5.- Remove the jumper (red light in xbee shield goes comes on)
6.- Go to Modem configuration to write the selected new firmware and the problem is the same: there is not communication…

What am I doing wrong?

You will not able to see the bootloader at 9600 bps, it’s configured for 115200.

How are you communicating with the module? Do you have an XBIB? Now I read that you have an XBee Shield, it is for Arduino, isn’t it? I’m not familiar with arduino shields, do they offer a way to communicate directly from the PC to the XBee? Do they have flow control (CTS, RTS lines)?

Hello, Sebastián.
Indeed, I’m connecting with arduino via USB and xBee shield. Now I have no way to communicate with XBee.
Is it possible to load the firmware otherwise?


Then, how did you changed the firmware?