How to get out of firmware XB24-B 1420

I am using a XBee Series 2 Module (part no. XB24-BCIT-004). After uploading the firmware XB24-B 1420 (for ZIGBEE router sensor) using X-CTU, I could not communicate with the modem anymore, and hence unable to upload the firmware further.

I check the default parameters of the firmware XB24-B 1420. Unlike other versions such as 1220/1020, there is no baud rate parameter. Is that why I cannot set the correct baud rate to communicate with the modem?

Also, the RTS is by default enabled (active low). Does that also block further update process? Is there any way I can manually deactivate the RTS? I connect the pin to Vcc to deactivate is, is it correct?

Any suggestion on how I can reupload other firmware into the module is much appreciated.

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To recover the module with the XCTU, see the forum posting at,513#1920

The router sensor firmware does not support the serial API or AT command mode.

Thank you, damons. I have solved my problem by following your suggestion.

If it is possible, please give the extended description of what have you done to solve this problem

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