Can't unbrick XBee XB24-ZB. What is wrong?

My XBee is bricked. I can’t get any data. After reading about unbricking I’ve tried one of the method:

  1. Set baudrate to 115200
  2. In temrinal uncheck RTS, check BREAK, click reset button, uncheck BREAK and type enter.
  3. RESULT:

.EM250 Bootloader. v20 b09
.1. upload ebl
.2. run
.3. ebl info
.BL > .

  1. Then when I go to Modem Configuration (always update firmware checked, show defaults) and try to Write firmware XB24-ZB, ZIGBEE ROUTER API the progress bar is filling but in the end I got msg “Waiting for module to reset” and nothing happens just another msg:

“Getting modem type…Programming modem…OK
Failed to enter command mode
Found bootloader active reprogramming firmware.
Write Parameters…Failed”

I use xbee sparkfun explorer usb.

What should I do?


Try writing the firmware with the always update box checked at a baud rate of 9600 instead of 115.2kbps. Also make sure that your board has RTS and DTR connected from the XBee module to the USB chip.

mvut, thank you for your answer.

Yep, my explorer has RTS and DTR connected.

Here is a schematic:

The same result with 9600 checked :confused: What else could I skip ? Is my module dead?

If the module in question is still associated to your network, you can try doing an OTA firmware upgrade via a Node that is in API mode and connected to the PC.

You can also try optimizing the USB ports. You would be surprised as to how much that can help and how many issues it can resolve.

I’ve also optimized my USB ports, but to be 100% sure, could you give me the settings? My module is not associated to the network… I am pretty surprised why my module suddenly stops working. It not stable and I am afraid I can’t use it for commercial project :confused:

No it is not dead. It just needs the Code written to it. In this case, you may need to do what you started with at the 115.2kbps rater and choose the upload option. Then using a terminal emulator that has XModem installed like our XCTU version 5275, upload the proper *.EBL file (Check your C:\program files\Digi\XCTU\Update directory for the file.)

Ok I found the file: XB24-ZB_23A7.ebl. Could you describe step by step what should I do ?

I would follow page 143 of the manual.

It tells you exactly how to do it.

It’s strage… I have access to this module through AT remote command but can’t read in modem configuration tab. What do you think about this?

Good, Then what I would do is to do a ATRE via remotes commands along with an ATWR to write it to memory. This way you can restore the module to defualts and if it was a configuration issue, you will be able to communciate via the UART.