Getting a modlue into Bootloader

Hey All!

Looking for a little help. We purchased about 50 modules and had no problem getting 45 of them into bootloader mode. I have four that will not.

I am using the serial board XBIB-R-DEV Rev 4.

I am trying to program XBee Pro Series 2

I have followed the steps I found found around the ner and in the forums with no luck.

When I power up the board I do not see any output so I am guessing it has no firmware.

Can anyone point me to a step by step to try and troubleshoot these modules or any suggestions would be welcome.

Are you able to restore the radios firmware by following the steps outlined at ?

Thanks for the link. I just tried and when the action required dialog comes up , after resetting the device the dialog box never goes away.

Question: How do I know what baud rate it should be? We have been 115,200 8,N,1 No flow .

Also, they use the terminology MODEM , what are they referring to? The radio module or the board I am plugging that into?

When I do test/query from the PC settings tab , no matter whan configuration I use it never passes. Is that a good test if there is no firmware on the device?