Cannot program firmware

Hi all, im new in the forum and with xbees, but heres what i have:

XBIB-U-DEV board
4 xbee pro modules (two series 1 and two series 2)

Ive tried to program firmware and one of the s1 modules worked fine, but the other 3 dont. I cannot read/write/restore anything, and i also tried the reset trick (connect the board without the module, press write and then connect the module pressing the reset button when the window appears). The other s1 one stops programming the firmware in half.The s2 ones do nothing. I dont know what to do now to bring them back to life…
I also searched the forum for some answers but no success…

All modules work with xbp24 modem.

Are you sure your USB port provides enough power? The ‘stop at half’ implies something physical is happening.

The COM port should b fine, cause i have another s1 xbee with the same modem using the same board and it works !