(yet another) cant communicate with modules problem


With a number of brand new XBee Pro Series 2 modules I have found that I am completely unable to communicate with them.
The first pointer to a problem is that the modules do not connect to the (already present) coordinator when powered up in the USB dev. board.
Also the RX and TX leds on the dev. board remain on constantly (as well as the bottom signal strength indicator led).
When doing a test/query in xctu there is no communication with the module at any baud rate in non-api mode. In api mode there is some communication, however it is unable to return a valid model number or firmware version (at any baud rate).
When trying to restore defaults (or write with a typical function set XBP-24B, end-device AT 1247) default in modem configuration tab it gets to the “press reset” prompt, which by doing so does nothing. After pressing cancel I get the message:
“Getting modem type…Failed to enter command mode
Check Com Port and Baud settings and try again.
Write Parameters…Failed”

Ideas? Suggestions? Questions?

It appears as though the issue is with the USB dev. board (only for some modules, others work fine…) all the modules with issues on the usb board worked fine on a serial board. After reprogramming the modules still did not work correctly on the usb board.

I have encountered the same problem on 10 modules and I had to send the ATRE command within the terminal tab to restore the modules. I was able to get all 10 working without any problems.