Unable to communicate with a XB24 module.

I was using some Xbee OEM modules (XB24) as end devices. I tried to configure them in the cyclic sleeping mode (SM=4) and I couldn’t make them communicate with the coordinator. But the problem is now I am not able to communicate - on command mode - with any of this modules, so I can’t get them out of the sleeping mode. They behave as they were always sleeping… Is there any option of resetting them or recover them?
I also, tried the communication through the XCTU, I do a test, and it answers that it’s impossible to communicate with the module. How can I do to reconfigure the modules?

You should always be able to recover the module from any unknown or defective state by re-flashing the firmware using the Digi XBee interface board (XBIB-U, XBIB-R) and the modem configuration tab of the X-CTU. See this link:
(This also applies to just re-flashing the same release you are using)