Modules Nonoperational

I’m working with the XB24 modems running firmware version 10CD. Twice now while in modem configuration and changing the firmware version, the modules have lost communication and afterward are nonoperational. One has a solid yellow LED on the development board (UART transmit LED) and the other’s yellow LED is flashing very rapidly. This is poor practice if the bootloader is incapable of recovering from a bad/incomplete programming session. Can I do anything to recover these modules or are they now less than adequate paperweights?

I’ve seen posts in this forum where people have had problems like this, but I’ve never seen a post suggesting that the problem couldn’t be solved. So don’t throw them away yet!

I assume you’re using the very latest version of X-CTU for the programming. If not, then try that first.

Otherwise, and I know this is a bit of a chore, if you look back at previous postings you’ll find some suggestions lurking in there. For instance, I seem to remember seeing a procedure that involves use of the Reset switch while doing the reprogramming.

Or, of course, you could wait a bit and see whether someone posts a more directly helpful answer…