I’ve purchased some XB24-Z7CIT-004 modules and i can’t communicate with those modules using X-CTU app, i have used the schematich shown in the following link

do i have to do something special with this modules?

Thank you!

XB24-Z7CIT-004? I haven’t worked with that one before. Can you put them back on the development board (with the RS 232 adapter) and reflash their firmware?

Here was a procedure on how to do that:
-If you insert the module into a development board, select the firmware type and version you would like from the three selector boxes at the top of the X-CTU modem configuration tab.

-Check the box that says, “always write firmware.”

Click the “Write” button.

-At this point, you will receive a dialog box informing you that X-CTU is unable to communicate with the module. If you read the dialog box carefully it will tell you to press the reset button on your development board or serial adapter. Press the button and the new firmware will be written to the module.


thankyou for the reply, I’ve just did the firmware upgrade so i load for some modules the 2041 firmware that is COORDINATOR FIRMWARE, and for other the 2241 that is ROUTER FIRMWARE, i’ve configurate the PAN ID to 3332 and the node identifier of both devices one as ROUTER and the other as COORDINATOR, they are in the same channel so what else do i have to do?