Can't communicate

I have 2 xbee modules where I loaded function “ZNET 2,5 END DEVICE DIGITAL IO”
another is xbp24-b and another is xb24-p. After writing, modem stopped communicatting. Is it possible to reset modules memory without communicating. It won’t read or write.

If you insert the module into a development board, select the firmware type and version you would like from the three selector boxes at the top of the X-CTU modem configuration tab.

Check the box that says, “always write firmware.”

Click the “Write” button.

At this point, you will receive a dialog box informing you that X-CTU is unable to communicate with the module. If you read the dialog box carefully it will tell you to press the reset button on your development board or serial adapter. Press the button and the new firmware will be written to the module.

Serial communications are disabled when using the END DEVICE DIGITAL IO firmware because this module firmware is only intended to be used in the Digi XBee Digital I/O Adpater product and the product needs the additional I/O lines in order to operate correctly. See:

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P.S. Have you considered upgrading to the ZB ZigBee PRO series of firmware for your XBees? You can read more about it here:

This seems to work only if the module is in AT mode, not in API mode?

AT mode firmware can receive AT commands directly once the +++ escape sequence is used to put the module in “command” mode. An API mode firmware can also receive AT commands, but they’d need to be packetized first. See the Product Manual for additional information.