using xbee_ansic_library in Linux.

I’m trying to use the sample programs in Linux, but I always get timeout errors, python-xbee works so my system should be ok.

Apparently the commands are sent correctly to the device, but somehow the timeout triggers immediately after trying to get the response.

Ultimately, I want to port the library to other device, but in order to have confidence that it works I’d like it to work on my desktop first.

The original developer apparently doesn’t work in Digi anymore, so I can’t contact him for info, has anyone managed to make it work?

Where did you get the Lib file from? What site?

I used git to get it from

That is not a site nor a file that Digi would support. You are most likely going to need to contact the creator or check on a forum on that site for the info you are looking for.

While I actually gave up on it and am now rigging my own code for communicating with the xbee on that device, I want to point out that the library is marked as official at, and that it’s hosted in digi’s github account.