Digi-Xbee python library: device.open()


I’m a noob with Xbee products. I have a problem when using the library Digi-xbee

I try to use an example :

But I have error during the “device.open()”
It says “TimeoutException” (in send_packet_sync_and_get_response)

Any advices ?

For info :
I have RaspberryPi3, I have plugged an Xbee S2C Digimesh 2.4Ghz with a sparkfun explorer.
On raspbian, I saw the sparkfun on ‘/dev/serial/by-id/usb…’ or on ‘/dev/ttyUSB0’ (I use it in python)

In XCTU, the only settings I have changed is BAUD_RATE to 57600 and set API2

this is resolved.
This was a bug with API2 mode.