Error in Digi XBee ANSI C Library


I am using Digi XBee SX RF Module Dev Kit (digimesh):

I connected digimesh devkit to my Linux PC. I also changed baudrate to 115200 for my XBee using ATBD command. I can use minicom with 115200 baudrate to send AT command (e.g. ATSL etc) and receive response from it.

I compiled the c lib:

There is a transparent_client sample app. I run it with “./transparent_client /dev/ttyUSB2”.
How ever, it got an error:
Waiting for driver to query the XBee device…
Error -110 waiting for query to complete.
XBee on /dev/ttyUSB2: HV=0x0 VR=0x0 IEEE=00-00-00-00-00-00 net=0x0000

When I run “atsl” from transparent_client, it times out:
ATSL (timed out)


Are you able to monitor the TTY USB port and see if the +++ is occurring or not? The other question is what version of the library are you using?

Digi Support


I am good now. My Xbee was not in API mode before. After I set ATAP=1, it works.