XBEE digimesh 8070 - No communication during 10s after boot

Hi Team,
I’m using a basic setup with a XBEE Firmware Digimesh version 8070 connected through a RS232 interface to a PIC16. I need the PIC to program the XBEE config (setting API Mode Escaped and others parameters) at the boot time which actually work fine with the following C code :


The problem I’m facing is after the command above, the XBEE module become “unusable” during 8-10 seconds, then come alive with the proper configuration. During this period, I can’t communicate anymore from the PIC16 to the XBEE on the RS232 interface

I don’t understand why there’s such a long silence period where the XBEE doesn’t accept command anymore. I haven’t found any timer in the documentation correlate to this.

Any idea on what is happening and how to fix the problem ? My application can’t work with this behavior.


Take a closer look at your Init string. There should be AT’s before each of the commands IE ATEE, ATKY Etc.

I’m confused with your answer as my init string actually works. all AT Commands are properly applied I can see results after the 10 seconds period. Do you mean that ATEE,ATKY does the same thing as ATEE,KY but the last one is taking longer to be executed ?