Xbee 900HP Pro + Arduino, using AT commands. Response time?

Hello all,

I am using an Arduino coupled to a transmitting XBee 900HP Pro, to send an AT command to set a pin high on the receiving XBee 900HP Pro.

I have been able to accomplish this task, using a button to trigger this event. However, I have experienced lag in two instances: when the system boots up, and also during the AT command transmission. The Xbees seem to take around 20 seconds (not sure if this time is consistent) to ‘wake up’ and begin responding to the Arduino. Also, the Xbees seem to only be able to take send over AT commands around every 1 second, at best. When I ‘flood’ the AT command by pulsing the trigger button, the Xbees can’t seem to keep up.

Would any of you have suggestions for addressing this issue, or be able to offer information regarding the response time of XBee 900HP Pros with AT commands?

Thank you for reading my post. I would greatly appreciate any input you can offer.

Try using Point to point mode over Mesh mode in your API frames and in the radios configuration.

Hi mvut. Thank you for chiming in. I found that this problem was caused by me supplying my Xbee with the 5V output on the Arduino, rather than the 3.3V. Thank you for the suggestion anyhow!