XBee-Pro 900 (API): Normal AT commands work in API (AP=1) mode

XBEE-PRO XB09-DP Firmware version 1002 Hardware version 1B42

This is a useful tip: The normal AT commands work even when the radio is in API mode (tested only for AP=1). This is helpful during development of API code because you don’t have to reprogram the radio to use the AT commands.

I set GT (guard time) to 0 and use the following pattern:

+++ ATCN

The final command just causes the radio to leave AT command mode immediately and return to idle.

This was a very interesting post!

At first I thought maybe you’d encountered a bug, but after talking with the firmware engineer I find this is intended. The same is true of 802.15.4 firmware, that even with AP=1, you can still escape and do AT commands.