Issues installing the Ansi C Xbee Library

i have downloaded the xbee ansi c library from GitHub - BinSentry/xbee_ansic_library: A collection of portable ANSI C code for communicating with Digi International's XBee wireless radio modules in API mode. and i am trying to add this to my c++ project in Clion (i am using windows 10 with MinGWx64 GCC Compiler)
I Tried to look in the internet, ask ChatGPT and Bard, and none could help me figure out how can i install/build/add the library to my C++ project so i can use it. also, i couldnt find any example for connecting to the xbee pro device via serial connection with the library. anyone know how can i install the library? maybe a detailed guide of the steps
thank you very much, anything will help