API: Recommended C library

Hello to all.

I read several threads and did a google search.
I found some C++ implementation of the Digi’s API but nothing in standard C - I mean to use with microcontrollers.

It’s not hard to write my own library (though VERY long due to the large set of options and variations) but I wonder if Digi provides or recommends an existing implementation.

Thanks in advance!

This seems to be what you are looking for: http://code.google.com/p/libxbee/

Just Google “xbee library” to find more. Add “c” to restrict more to “c”.

I’ve already downloaded that library but it’s not good for use with MCUs - it should be used in a windows/linux environment.

As said before I’ve already searched with google but I found nothing.
So I implemented my own library.

Hi marcotrapanese

To the best of my knowledge, http://code.google.com/p/libxbee/ is your only hope. I guess Digi don’t recommend any lib file to use with microcontrollers.

Hello marcotrapanese,

You may want to check this github project.


It’s a version of what Digi uses in Rabbit and Programmable XBee modules. It has several examples of use and is well documented. Best regards,