"C" library for XBee

is there a ‘c’ library for XBee’s? i see Rob Faludi has a java one, and there is python one. just wondering if there are any in 'c"?

I haven’t found an Xbee ‘C’ libray as such.
There are some examples and application code around.

What platform are you using for ‘C’ code?

I have been using Python on a PC to learn how and what to do with an Xbee interface. This can then be easily ported to ‘C’.

Check these links for some info:


I know I’m way out of date, but I couldn’t help replying…

I have a project called libxbee and have just released version 3.
I think it would be just what you want (assuming you still want it…)

The libxbee3 repository has sample code, and can be found here: http://code.google.com/p/libxbee/source/checkout?repo=libxbee-v3
I plan to add documentation in the near future.

Let me know how you get on, and feel free to contact me if you need a hand!


thanks, i’ll take a look at the links …

Has anyone ported the XB libraries from Dynamic C 10 to Dynamic C 9 for use with the r2000 r3000 etc?

Digi has released an ANSI C library as Open Source (MPL 2.0) on GitHub that should fit your needs.


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