how to configure XCTU 6.3.1


I’ve ZigBee 865/868LP how can I configure its PAN ID, how to set it into API mode, AT mode, router coordinator, I don’t find any setting.
It shows lot of section but completely different name then the previous versions. I really don’t find. help me on this.



The XBee 868 LP is NOT a Zigbee enabled product. There for there is no Coordinator, router or end device specific function. It is a true to peer product. To transmit data to a given node, you only set the DL and DH to match the receiving modules Sl and SH.

Means I can’t form network with ZigBee 868 LP??

Means I can’t form network with ZigBee 868 LP??
ZigBee product sheet says that it supports multipoint and digimesh protocol. also says peer to peer mesh ??? It’s confusing, how mesh could be formed by peer to peer???
pls explain.

I just want to make mesh network using 868LP.

Can I get any reply, pls??? it’s urgent.