Configuring XBee 868LP 80K asynchonous sleeping and pooling


We are trying to set up a network using XBee 868 LP modules with the following layout:

1 Coordinator
N End devices that sleep asynchronously drived by hibernate pin.

What we need is have the end devices sleeping for 5 minutes then (changing hibernate pin) wake up for 5 seconds, and then sleep again. When the end device wakes up should send a beacon packet to the Coordinator telling him that it is awake so the coordinator can send buffered messages. We believe that this is the indirect message and pooling.

To do so we have configured our network in the following way:


  • CE=1 (Indirect Msg Coordinator)
  • AP=2
  • SM=0
  • SP=100000


  • CE=4 (Indirect Msg Poller)
  • DH: Coordinator address high
  • DL: Coordinator address low
  • AP=2
  • SM=1
  • SO=2 (We have also tested SO=100 and SO=102)

But with no luck, as the end device does not get the message.

Could you please tell us if it is possible to make the network work this way. And in that case, what could be wrong with our devices configuration.

Thank you very much in advance.


What is the full part number and firmware version you are working with on both modules?

The fw version is 8074 and the part numer is: Product family XB8-DM and Function set XBee 865/868LP 80K.

We finally made it. The problem was that we were sending options 0x0 and changing it to 0x40, we made it.

Now the problem we have is that we need the same thing but with a repeater in the middle.

Coordinator sending an indirect message to a end device using a router, and being an indirect message, is that possible? Could you help us with the configuration, we have tried different set up, with no luck.

I think you are going to need to use the Mesh option for that one. That is the CE will need to be set to Router. Then you will need to use the TO option bit of either 0x80 or 0xC0.