S2B 868 coordinator unicasts problem. Need help fast.

Hi, I have a problem with transmitting and receiving data in my xbee network. The network consists of 1 coordinator (mains powered) and 8 End devices battery powered. The modules that I use are 868 xbee LP S2 series with the latest firmware. The configuration is: Coordinator sleep options 0, encryption enabled End device is a indirect message poller also with no sleeping options (bedause the uC turns the power to the xbee module off/on). The goal that Im trying to achieve is: - uC wakes up, powers xbee, does some sensors measurements, sends data to the coordinator using API frame 0x10 in unicast. - coordinator processes the frame and sends a replay in 0x10 frame that all is ok and sais “you can go to sleep”. - after receiving that confirmation frame the ED goes to sleep for about 2 minutes. The problem is that the frame is not received by the End Device in unicast mode. And in multicast the module goes to sleep to early because the multicast frame was read by him but was to be meant for the other module. Is there something missing? Does sending a 0x10 frame take care of route discovery and joining the network? Or do I have to do something prior from sending the 0x10 frame after power reset of the end device?

There is no such thing called an XBee S2 868 LP. They are two completely different products.

What is the exact part number and firmware version you are working with?

I’m using XB8-DMUS-002 revE with the latest firmware 8072.

Ok what you have is an XBee 868 LP module running Digi Mesh.

The sleep mode you are referring to in your description is an Asynchronous sleep mode that should use Pin Sleep (SM1) talking to an always on Router (CE 1, 4 or 6). I would strongly suggest reading over the sleep section of the manual to understand how these functions work.

I don’t understand what You are talking about.
I don’t want to use any sleep modes. I have I microcontroller in End Device which turns the module on and off when it needs to.

The problem is that I’m not sure of the network configuration not the sleep modes.

“I would strongly suggest reading over the sleep section of the
manual to understand how these functions work”

Which functions do You mean?
Sleeping ones ?

Coordinator sleep options 0 means according to XCTU Normal mode- always awake.
I get the feeling that You haven’t read carefully what I wrote in my first message.

That is not going to work as the indirect messaging Poller functions requires the end device to be in a sleeping state and not a Powered off state. From the sounds of it, you are going to need to use the SM command and the Pin sleep function instead of turning off the radio or set CE to 0 on all nodes.

OK, I’ll give it a try.

I have one more question.
When using 0x10 frame in API mode there is a parameter Transmit options.

Does this parameter overwrite the TO parameter when for example set to 0x00? or when set to anything different then the TO parameter? Which one is best to use in my case?

Yes, the API TX option bit will always override what ever is set in the TO command just like the 64 bit destination address overrides what is in the DL and DH parameters.

In your case I would suggest a value of 0x40.