Xbee Pro S2B Router node ignores frequently S2B Coordinator packet

  • First, I’m sorry about my bad English.

I have a test that communicate S2B Coordinator and S2B Router on X-CTU. (AT mode, they have antenna connector)

They have no problem when send and receive short length data.
(From coordinator to router and from router to coordinator both are good.)

When router send to coordinator using infinite loop,
It’s good. (10byte, 100ms, no loss)

But Coordinator send to router using infinite loop,
router receive few packet and stop.
After few seconds, restart receive and stop. again and again…
(It seems like frequently.)

I have thought It’s about sleep time problems.
but I found a description “router and coordinator doesn’t sleep” in manual.

Is there some solution or advice about this problem?
Do I use Xbee Pro S2B wrong way?

  • Settings are default without Power Level(lowest), PAN ID, Node Identification.
  • I am using USB Adapter.
  • I have a same test with two xbee pro s1. they are good.

Thank you.

Try setting the DL and DH of the Coordinator to match the SL and SH of the router. That is what is called Unicast mode. By default the Coordinator is in Broadcast mode which will cause you to have delays as that is needed to allow the packets to be retransmitted by the routers.

You are right. Thank you. :smiley:
(I checked and tested it. It has no problem.)

Can I ask one more question?

  • If you are busy, Ignore it. Anyway, Thank you. :smiley:

If I need broadcast mode without this problem.
(e.g. One coordinator send data to many routers or node for real time broadcast.)

How can I do that?

Is there some setting parameters? or mode?
Do I make schedule logic in application program level?
or Do I use another products?
Is S2B not fit in the situation?

Thank you!

You use one of the Non Mesh based products and just have a Point to multi-point connection. That is your only option.

I got it. Thanks.