Xbee PRO S2B lost connection with default multipoint configuration


I just bough 3 XBee PRO S2B and update the firmware of all of them, one as Coordinator AT and the other two as End Devices AT.

I just config the Coordinator to send a broadcast signal in transparent mode, in that way the end devices could read the data and send to a microcontroller that use relays to turn on/off a bunch of big light in a company client of mine.

The problem is that time by time, the connection is broken and one of the end devices is not able to receive the serial data, I have to unplug the power supply and reconnect over 10 minutes later to get the communication working again, to have the same problem later.

I just change the packetization timeout to 0, and nothing else in the end devices from the default configuration, because if I where using broadcast signals, there where be no problem with addresing, plus the end devices don´t have to talk with the coordinator.

I have checked the parameters by default, and I don´t see any problem with the sleeping time, etc etc… I have no idea what to do and I have to finish that job asap.

Thanks in advance,



Try changing your End devices to Always on routers. The reason being is that end devices periodically need to sleep to save power. When they are in a sleep state, you can only send one Broadcast transmission to the Coordinator to be sent to the modules. Otherwise it will be sent out and the modules not receive it. For more information on this, I would strongly suggest reading over the functions of an End device in the product manual and the Broadcast function.