XBEE pro Series2 XBP24-BSIT-004 revE don't communicate

I have one coordinator in the network and a lot of end devices in the ZIGBEE enclosure. Console devices are always in sleep mode. They crash on the signal on the 9th leg and transmit the state of the three digital inputs.

The problem is that the coordinator does not accept packets, and the end devices do not see the PAN ID and the working channel. END Devices see the network only if they keep them on for 10 … 15 seconds.In the ZNET 2.5 mode of operation this problem is not present. So I cant use sleep mode for XBEE pro Series2 XBP24-BSIT-004… It is correct?

Yes you can. You just need to set the Sleep time on the coordinator and routers to match the sleep time of the end devices.

You also need to issue a network reset (ATNR0) on your end devices to allow them to re-associate to the network.