Xbee S2 module not coming from Sleep using sleep pin(SM=1)


We are working on Xbee s2 in sleep mode for environmental monitoring system. Cyclic sleep is working. But we want to operate Xbee using external controller. We are trying to put the device in sleep mode using pin sleep(SM=1) fro 10 minutes, then wake up for 100ms to fetch analog sensor data ( IR=46).

We are not able to wake up the xbee module by giving pin 9 with logic low and pin 13 is always low. hence no data at coordinator side.

Is there any timing values to be configured for Coordinator?

Is there any other configurations to be done at end node side?

Please help us in resolving this issue.

We are in tight schedule. working to realize production in 1 months.

Veeresh P S

Veeresh, fist I would suggest contacting Digi Technical Support. Especially since you have a short time frame to work with. Next, the sleep times do need to be set on the Coordinator and any other parent router within the network to know how long the end device is sleeping for.

Then make sure that DIO 8 is not set to some other value other than Pin sleep.

Thanks mvut,

I made the changes as you suggested. It is working fine.

Now after Xbee wakes up from pin sleep(for 100ms) it is fetching more than one frame. what we are interested is one frame for once wake up.

configuration is

Is there any issue (time miss match)? Please suggest .

Veeresh P S

Try increasing he sample rate.