Waking up xbee

I am new in xbee. I want to communicate 2 xbee modules (series 1) everything related to connections are ok. But one of the xbee modules goes to sleep mode, I think. Because Xbee draw 0.02 mA . X-ctu gives “modem cannot seen” error. In general how can I wake up the Xbee. By using arduino or sth else.


Hello Cerendumen,

“XBee Programmable Development” is not the best place to ask for Arduino or other controllers. This is for Programmable XBee SDK questions.

About your question: Check the SM (Sleep Mode) parameter and the related topic about Sleeping and Power Management in the modules’ Reference Manual. Basically, there are two sleep modes: cyclic and pin-hibernate (Sleep RQ pin).

Best regards,