More information on Sleeping xBee S2C

Greetings! I’m an xBee novice seeking information to help me perform three functions

  1. Have my END S2C sleep then wake up on either a call from the coordinator or event from my circuit connected to the END S2C (“x1” pin goes HIGH)
  2. When (“x1”) pin goes high (event occurs) the END Unit wakes up and turns a different pin (“x2”) to HIGH.
  3. When another pin (“x3”) goes high - call the coordinator and report

Any help would be so greatly appreciated!:slight_smile:

Use below ideas to accomplish your goals:

  1. Use Sleep Mode SM=1 “Pin Sleep” to wake up S2C on event in circuit.

  2. Configure any one IO pin on module (“x2”) to “Output High” parameter using XCTU.

  3. Enable Change Detect Sampling on IO connected to “x3”