Pin Sleep mode in S2C consumes a lot of current

I am currently building an IoT solution with Xbee S2C module (firmware version 2003, hardware version 2E4D). I am trying to use the S2C module in a ultra-low power consumption environment. So I selected Pin Sleep mode.

I interfaced a sensor that gives digital o/p to pin 20 (DIO0), external microprocessor that controls the pin sleep via Sleep_RQ pin (pin 9), and get the status of the Digi (sleeping or not) on the microprocessor by connecting the pin 13 of Xbee to it.

I could see Xbee consumes around 65mA when transmitting data and when sleeping it consumes around 2.5mA. As per the specification, the Xbee S2C is supposed to consume around 1uA. 2.5mA for my solution is way too high.

I tried to put the unused DIO pins to DO Low or to Disabled states, both of it not helped. Also I set the PR to 0x10 or to 0x00, either way it does not help.

Can you kindly suggest the right parameter and/or pin configurations for achieving 1uA sleep power consumption in pin sleep mode?

You are probably obtaining additional current from the Sensor and the processor via the lines. Try disconnecting these and then measure the current.