What is the expected sleep current for the S2C SMT modules? It is not in their manual or datasheet.

Less than 1uA.

That’s the listed power off current, not sleep. When the XBee module is in cyclic sleep between transmissions, what is that current?

That’s the listed power off current, not sleep. What is the XBee module’s current while it is in cyclic sleep between transmissions?

If the module was powered off, then your current draw would be 0. In a sleep state, it is about 1uA.

From what I can see there appears to be a difference in pin s;eep and cyclic sleep current.
1UA is pin sleep.
What is cyclic sleep current?

No, that should be for both. Now if you are not sleeping long enough you may not see it get this low when it really is.

I’m not seeing that number in cyclic sleep. I am getting closer to 100 uA.
Way too high for my application.
Any ideas/tips?

Set all unused multi function pins as output low.

Yes, did that.

Resolved by changing Sleep options to 0 or 4.

BTW now have configuration delivering 0.7uA sleep current consumption

Setting of 2 was drawing way more current during sleep

Also make sure you don’t have pull-up/down pins fighting the output direction on either the xbee or your connected device.