Current in Sleep Mode doesn't go to 10uA

The Xbee Module is connected to a microcontroller, and it configures and associates correctly with other devices.

I setup the Xbee Module to Sleep Mode 1 (ATSM1) correctly, and then drive the Pin 9 (Sleep_RQ) HIGH to enter sleep mode. The Xbee Module enters Sleep Mode (indicated by Pin 13 = LOW), but the current consumption only goes from about ~50mA to about 27mA. If I drive the RESET pin LOW (pin 5), then the current goes to what the datasheet speceifies (<10uA for SM=1). However, I don’t want to reset the Xbee Module, to avoid forced reassociations.

The question is:

  1. What needs to be done to reduce the current consumption in Sleep Mode to ~10uA, without having to keep the Xbee Module in Reset?




I found the problem:

By default, Xbee Module enables the CTS (output) function in pin12, driving HIGH. This pin was connected to another output in the microcontroller, driving LOW. This connection was accounting for the extra current (~27mA).

Fixed by changing the direction of the MCU pin from output to input. Now, the Xbee current is within the datasheet specifications.



Excellent! I am glad to hear this is now performing to your expectations. Thanks for the follow up!