xbee sleep mode


I have 3 xbee series 2 end device on 3 arduino mega and i would like to put them in sleep mode. But because i have a temperature sensor i want them to wake when there is a temperature to send. Is that an issue of xbee’s configuration or is it a program on arduino. is there any example to see?

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I don’t know how arduino interfaces the XBees, but you can wake up the moduel through the SLEEP_RQ pin if it is in SP=4 or SP=5. Consult the module documentation on sleep modes.

which pin on xbee is SLEEP_RQ on the xbee series 2?

thank you very much for your answers.

I have another question. How can I configure Sleep_RQ (DTR) pin on xbee because there is no command in the xbee manual.

On S2B (THT, 20 pins) it’s Pin 9 and in S2C (SMT, 37 pins) it’s Pin 10. Consult the module’s documentation. Regards,

Just one correction to fgilmar answer:

in order to use SLEEP_RQ pin, parameter to be configured is SM (Sleep Mode), not SP (Sleep Period). And values for pin enabled are 1 (wake only based on interruptions) or 5 (wake cyclic or based on interruptions). SM=4 implies only cyclic wake).