Newbie: Xbee Sleep

I’m trying to sleep/wake up one xbee.
I’m using X2e Wifi, Router, 5 EP.
All S2C Pro; API2. EP are SM5 on Arduino Uno, (DTR/Xbee <–> Pin 9/Uno)
X2e sent a packet to each EP (one after one) to get data.
I’m looking for sleep one EP, and after wake to to anderstand how it’s work.

I’m trying this:

void setup(){
	pinMode(XBEE_sleepPin, OUTPUT);

void xbeesleep() {

void xbeewake() {

But there is no effect, no change: EP can receive and Send data. Why ?
Best regards.

For detail :
I would like to sleep/wake : ZigBee S2C TH Pro (Firmware 4059)
Please, somebody could be help me ?

Sounds like you don’t have the XBee module set for Pin sleep (SM command) or you are not controlling the proper Pin. Most Arduino boards simply don’t connect the DTR line through. I would suggest starting there. That is make sure that the modules sleep request line (DTR) is connected to the correct pin at the right voltages on the arduino and your code is controlling the line as expected.