Sleep Mode Configuration XBP24-DM

I’m try to configure my network to sleep. My sleep coordinator is set to cycle but my routers will not sync to the sleep cycle. The manual is for the old version of firmware. I’m running 804B. I do not think I have the settings correct for the routers. Does any one know were I can find a updated manual or what the proper configuration is for a sleeping network.

have u updated u r X-CTU with the newer version which is released right now.

y cant u set u r modules to the cyclic sleep or pin awake sleep.


I’m currenlty trying to set the cyclic sleep. Here r my settings

Sleep Coordinator

SO= 0 For sleep coordinator
My wake time is 1 minute & sleep 2 sec

router settings

SO= 2 Enable API sleep messages

same wake time & sleep time as the C.

The router does seem to sync. I’m watching the sleep pin 13 on a scope. Does the C sleep?

Sorry I meant to say the router does not sync and I do not see the C sleeping ethier.

A beta version of the manual is available upon request through Digi directly. Just contact tech support via phone at (866) 765-9885 or online support at with your request.