sleep mode dev issue

maybe it is just me but i gotta put something out there

when these xbee’s are put in sleep mode and one wants to change some config values it is just a real royal pain.

the “always update firmware” and “short reset” solutions, at least for me, is hit or miss. can’t count on it. sometimes is works sometimes i just sit here asking myself, wtf?

so trying to experiment, make changes, write a little code, etc is held up be this issue on these radios.

do all xbee radios exhibit this behavior? i’m willing to spend more money to get some digi radios where i don’t have to be bogged down with this issue.

call it a mild rant but this issue, [for me], is just a time waster.

another issue with X-CTU & the XBIB-U-DEV Rev 3 board:

why is it when i try the restore function, X-CTU goes into an endless “update summary” loop?

how do other developer’s/hobbiest deal with the cyclic sleep mode issue? or am i the only one getting stuck in the mud with it?

Don’t know if it’s exactly your problem, but I have found that SM is getting us crazy.

We have purchased three Drop In Networking X4 kits in order to do some tests, and also three LTH Sensors to add the network and read some values.

The nodes disapear sometimes (aleatory) from the network and the only way to add them again is to reset - rediscover them.

They are working with default AT mode (last firmware). I tryed to flash them (on the air) with API firmwre but I toasted them (unresponsive). I managed to get them working by taking the xbee chip, placing into USB dev board and flashing again with AT firmware using X-CTU.

Now, working with AT firmware, the DIA demo application tells me that is unable to set SM to 0x0 (changed in the driver and also in the device properites from ConnectPort X4 web interface) but it doesn’t work…

So much time spent trying to figure aout what the hell is happening with Digi sensors (we are working with another devices from other manufacturer and they don’t present this issue).

any idea or suggestion?



the following links may help a bit with the [not SM=0] issue:,62_lastpage,yes

i’d be interested in what other device radios/sensors you are having success with.

i’m sure others far more in the know than i will offer some helpful suggestions

Hi, thanks for the links, I’ll review them a.s.a.p.

Other devices are from Pikkerton. Same chip /Radio, similar functionality than regarding LHT sensors from Digi.


i’ll take a look at them… thx

Hi there,

GE9Z, I reviewed the links you posted and none of them are usefull for me. What explained in the first one I already tryed, and in your second link, well, it assumes that I can physically modify the hardware. I can do it with LHT sensors (but i don’t want because warranty and because I was able to reflash the xbee modules to the AT firmware). What i can not do is to reflash in any wy two Wall routers I tryed to flash with API firmware and they become unaccesible.

RMA is the only solution for those WR?


>>RMA is the only solution for those WR?

open a ticket with digi and see if they can help, if not, RMA.

there are a few support folks that troll these forums. i’m surprized no one has responded.