Odd Dev Board Problem

I purchased the XBee 900 Pro Digimesh development kit - which came with 2 USB boards (XBIB-U-Dev) and 2 serial boards (XBIB-R-Dev).

I am sending some data from a microcontroller, to a Tx radio on a serial board, to an Rx radio on a USB board, to another microcontroller. The radios and controllers are communicating using UART at 57600 baud. This setup works fine.

However if I switch out the Rx’s USB development board with a serial one, the data can no longer get through. The Digi terminal says the data is there, but the UART on the microcontroller reads nothing.

At first I thought it may be the controller, but everything works just fine if I swap out to the other development board.

Are there actual firmware settings I have to change for the serial board to match what the USB board was? Do the serial boards operate differently? Are they defective (read something about a misplaced diode)? Anyone have any idea or can point me in a good direction?

Hello. Are you using the same XBee radio in both the USB and serial XBIBs or are you using separate radios for each? There shouldn’t be any special firmware settings you would have to change between the two, however, I would double check that the radio in the serial XBIB is flashed with the settings that you’re expecting (same as the working radio in the USB attached XBIB). Also, have you tried both of your serial XBIBs (XBIB-R-Dev)?

Turns out RTS is inverted relative to the spec sheet. Don’t know if it’s intentional or not, but RTS is not the same on the serial vs USB dev boards.

Thanks for the reply,

I did use the same radio as before. I even tried the other one, and tried reflashing the firmware while the radio was in that particular board.

Inverting the flow control signal on the microcontroller solved the problem. Which is strange because the USB dev board didn’t need to be.

Appearently also if your radios are in cyclic sleep mode in the serial board you can’t enter command mode with X-CTU. You can with USB however.