How to setup a mesh network


I’m working on a project where i need my Xbee ZigBee controllers to function in a mesh network. The think i want to achieve is to make the coordinator talk to the other routers and receive information from the routers.

I need a bidirectional connection between the coordinator and the routers.

I’ve tried some settings with different adresses but i can’t get it to work, I only get an one way connection where the coordinator can only send or only receive information to or from the router

my settings now are:

Router API
DL = SL of base
DH = SH of base

Coordinator API
DH 0x00

I’m hoping to send data to my raspberry pi from my PC and send data to my PC from my raspberry pi.

Am i forgetting something? the channel and PAN are the same

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First, try using the Coordinator and Router AT firmware versions in their default configuration. Then issue a Local Network Reset on your Router so that it Joins the Coordinator. Once that has occurred, the two will automatically communicate so that all routers and End devices send their data to the Coordinator and the Coordinator is in Broadcast mode to all routers and end devices.