Enable to send data from endpoint to coordinator xbee

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What is the best configuration to input / output in XCTU for xbee pro s3b ?

We need these things to make mesh network and send sensor data from arduino to another arduino and vice versa in the network , knowing that i have one coordinator and three end point .

This picture include the configuration please tell me if i do right things:

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What firmware version and function set is installed on the modules?


firmware version 8074
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The default configuration of the 900 HP with the Digi mesh code you are working with is MESH. So for an arduino all you need to do is to set the API function on the radios and then use the modules SL and SH values to know who to send the data to. That is to say, the bulk of the Arduino library files for the XBee use API mode on the XBee. So if you set the Xbee to API mode (AP to a value of 1 or 2), then all you should need to know is the modules Serial number high and low of who you want to send the data to. The mesh function will occur automatically as long as any two nodes are in range of each other.

Just setting the XBEE to API2 without setting CE to coordinator and end point . And controlling address from the arduino code , Is it right way ?


That is correct.