connection between xbee

i have to make an xbee network . it contains one coordinator one router and two end devices. every end device connected to an led , m work consist to defined those xbee end device for example if i send to the coordinator the number 1 one of the led switch on and if i send 2 the other one switch on.
right now i have one arduino connected to the coordinator.
i am wondering how can i make all this works it will need a specified code or just in the configuration of the xbees.

All you would need is the XBee modules and the correct configuration. First set the Coordinator in API mode. Next enable the lines as inputs and set the change detect function. when the line changes state, the radio will sample the line and send the change of state to the Coordinator. The Coordinator will then send that message out of the UART using our API interface which will have the unique 64 bit address of the End device that the line changed states on in it telling you which line changed states, to what value and on what module.

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